Saturday, April 14, 2012

Commonplace 30

BRILLIANT! Ok, so multiple commonplaces. First of all, you have the conspiracy theorists who believe that the government blew up the World Trade Centers, when one of my good friends who works for American Airlines was on the phone with a flight attendant when it hit the building. Just come on, people. then you also have the Commonplace mentioned that everyone automatically generalized against Arabs and became overly suspicious of them after 9/11. This is SO a great example of a good comic.

Commonplace 29

Yeah. The Occupy movement does have some good points. A lot of them also generalize that all business, all of wall street, all of government is wrong.  I just don't agree with that generalization. I'm all for fighting for better run companies and government. I hope they make progress. I think that perhaps this sign just says the commonplace of how everything is wrong and now I'm realizing how little I know about them and the commonplaces I have about occupiers.

Commonplace 28

The commonplace here is that the United Nations is fighting for freedom, that the UN is good. At least I think this is for the UN. I'm not of the persuasion that the U.N. is that great. I think it does good, but I think it is just as corrupt as good. This certainly is a good marketing tool in how sort of cool and inspiring it is, but it plays to a commonplace. I ain't buying it.

Commonplace 27

Well, there are some people that really hate jews. apparently, they are saying zionists are like nazis, except the nazis were killing the jews, which is just weird. I mean, Israel is not the best country in the world. However, stuff like this is just so narrow minded. Nazis are a standin apparently for anyone he doesn't like for this guy. Seriously, zionist genocide? Seriously? Yeah, I mean, I could go on. I'm not sure who is funding it. Maybe this is the U.S. government? and that we are funding genocide and so that goes more into issues with conspiracies.

Commonplace 26

I guess the commonplace here is that elephants like peanuts. I just thought this was funny. But seriously, we have heard that elephants like peanuts. I have never seen any evidence in real life, but I know the saying and I sort of believe it. It is probably based in truth, but seriously, what evidence do we have? And obviously, the point of this is that elephants love peanuts and these are so big they choke.

Commonplace 25

Well the underlying commonplace is the ads about talking to kids about drugs. Whatever is gateway to drugs, like marijuana, is now used here to talk about art school. There is also a commonplace that art and art school are not a great way to make a living. But if you are good at something, then you should nurture it. So yeah, I think there are multiple commonplaces here. Art is not honorable and the gateway drug commonplace.

Commonplace 24

This was just powerful more than a commonplace.
"We cannot wave the white flag. We need that, too." Wow is that powerful. The commonplace here is that, perhaps, we feel we have lost the battle against poverty and we shouldn't keep trying. But they are saying we can't give up because the white flag is needed. I do think we tend to feel like the battle against poverty is hopeless. But seriously, the pathos in this is amazing.